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The translation agency was founded in 2002 under the name of English Translation by Sandra Küng, qualified DOZ translator.

Sandra Küng grew up bilingually in California (USA) and British Columbia (Canada). After staying abroad in France and Mexico she completed her studies as a specialist translator at the Zurich School for Interpretation and Translation (DOZ) where she acquired her translation diploma in 1993 for English, German and French.

Prior to establishing her translation agency, she worked both as a language teacher in the adult education sector and also as a long-time corporate translator with a large Swiss life insurance company.

Company growth

The initial focus was on the professional translation of specialised German texts into the English language. In the interest of obtaining the best possible quality, English Translation entered a joint venture in January 2007 with All Languages Translations located in London.

Due to the growing customer structure of international enterprises, multilingual projects that required expansion through a strong translator team of native speakers with various fields of expertise and language combinations other than English followed before long.

In 2009, English Translation and All Languages Translations changed their name to WWT - Worldwide Translation Services. The new naming thus does justice to the expanded range of more than 40 different languages offered.


We are ideally equipped with a competent team of translators to offer you professional translations of the very highest quality in a variety of specialised areas - at attractive rates. We are prepared and ready every day to meet our clients' and our partners' requirements. Because we want to offer you the very best possible service - that is our goal.

Sandra Küng Irène Reitemeier-Weber

Sandra Küng
Owner and Manager

Irène Reitemeier-Weber
Poject Manager

The echo knows all languages. - Finnish proverb

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