11/28/18 Strong partners in the legal sector

WWT has once again strengthened its position in the legal sector in 2018. We are extremely pleased that MME Legal, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal, Hafner & Hochstrasser and MBH Law belong to our long-term partners. These and other renowned companies are the reason we strive for quality awareness each and every day.

11/28/18 We wish everyone happy holidays and a wonderful, successful 2019!

WWT wishes all clients, business partners and friends the very best for the upcoming holidays and a happy, healthy 2019.

10/13/16 Translation rates in Switzerland

Translation rates in Switzerland have fallen by almost 50% (depending on the language combination) since 2000. Competitors throughout Europe have played a significant role in continuously reducing the price for specialised translations in Switzerland over the years. We at WWT have been able to perfectly position the company in this regard and regularly impress our clients with extremely competitive rates - but not at the expense of above-average quality. We have successfully mastered this balancing act.

8/8/15 Cost transparency - for complex projects

Cost transparency is important to you and to us. We calculate each assignment according to standard lines with 55 characters (incl. spaces).Thanks to the advance delivery of the file(s) you need translated, we can provide you with a correct and binding calculation in advance.
As a new client, you automatically benefit from a 10% discount so that you can test our skills. We offer our regular clients a 10% winter discount during the month of January, as a thank you for your loyalty. Our many years of satisfied clients in various specialised fields and languages demonstrate our daily commitment to top quality translations.

8/7/15 A-Service for both large and small projects

All clients are welcome at WWT! We do not distinguish between large and small projects. Each assignment passes through the same project procedure, ensuring optimal quality assurance. We cultivate an excellent relationship with our clients - our most valuable capital. We do not divide our clients into A, B or C-clients. All of our clients are A-partners.

8/5/15 Current translation projects

Spring was marked by our cooperation with S-GE Switzerland Global Enterprise and our translation work on a long-term website project. Other website projects included those of Saxonia-Franke, the Swiss Brand Museum, Segesser Strategy & Human Capital as well as Konstruktiv AG. Furthermore, our quarterly translations for the Persorama magazine kept us busy, as well as many other small and large assignments. And as always: we are delighted when new customers contact us with their enquiries.


8/5/15 General development during the 1st semester 2015

A veritable price war has been raging in Switzerland's translation industry for several years and still continues today. It has become increasingly difficult for customers to compare the services of various translation providers as the parameters used by the individual companies often do not conform. This is why transparency is our top priority. Our price structure is clear and comprehensible, and we are in a position to offer discounts for large projects. The word has spread and therefore we have been able to kick off the first half of the year 2015 with a pleasing increase in exciting translation projects.


10/15/14 Legal documents - we have the expertise and experience!

The translation of legal documents requires a sure instinct and years of experience. We have both and can even provide you with a free test translation to demonstrate our know-how. And just to remind you: we offer a 10% discount on your first order.

8/14/14 After the summer break 2014 - various (linguistic) challenges await us...

The summer 2014 was hardly a success in terms of the weather, but we were extremely pleased with respect to the translation assignments received by our regular clients, such as, for example, the translation of the staff magazine CPH News. The summer break is now over, and we are awaiting new linguistic projects that fill us with excitement: on the one hand we will be working on a new project in the further training sector, namely the translation of the updated manual of the Swiss Meat Union into two languages, together with our partner Abächerli Druck in Sarnen. The autumn will hold further surprises in store for us. We'll definitely keep you posted...

5/23/14 Translation of a real estate website into 5 languages

We have successfully completed the translation of a comprehensive real estate agent's website into 5 languages: English, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. The leading Zug real estate provider entrusted us with the professional translation, insertion of the translated texts into CMS and subsequent proofreading of the texts. The project was finalised on 2 July 2014 and the website went live on the same date.

4/22/14 WWT – a strong partner for the Swiss education sector

During the past years we have established ourselves as a strong partner of the Swiss education sector. Our clients value our high quality standard, our attractive price structure and our quick turnaround time. And we value their collaboration and many years of trust. Veledes, Richemont and the federal government (e.g. education plans) and various further training schools are only a few of our esteemed and loyal clients.

8/1/14 VVRJ website translation

A short while ago we finished translating the comprehensive website of the VVRJ Tourist Information Office of Rapperswil-Jona with a variety of texts on history, tourism, business, excursions and much more into the English language. It was a highly exciting project, marked by the excellent collaboration with the responsible individuals. The result can be viewed here. We look forward to our continued partnership with VVRJ!

5/14/12 Transparent costs - finally!

10/1/12 New: Offices in Zurich and St. Gallen

2012 not only marks our 10th anniversary, but also the founding of our second translation agency in Zumikon, Zurich. Our head office will continue to operate from Weesen, St. Gallen. You can find our contact details here.

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